Composit - Base - ManiIt’s festival time! We couldn’t wait for Spring to start just for this. We have to admit that. Let’s start getting properly ready for the hottest music festivals of the season, with 3 perfect manicure ideas. You will be ready to shake hands with new friends, perform the wave in style in the festival audience, and show off your nails in all the photos where you brag about tickets to the envious ones who will be staying at home. Let’s do this.

Metallics. A look that works with any complexion. Don’t just think of the usual gold and silver suspects, you can also play with lots of other colors. Our favorite is rose gold.

Rainbow confetti. The funky choice for daring girls, who are not afraid of choosing the quirkiest manicure colors. This spring lots of collection launches were in this style, we are sure you will find a color that suits you.

Artsy. For nail-art lovers, there are never ending ideas. We recommend using ready-made nail patches, or acrylic nails you can apply with glue. All sorts of incredible patterns are available, and you won’t have to worry about the polish chipping halfway through the event.

What is your favorite look for nails? Share it in the comments, after looking at our gallery!

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