What happens when the last fashion week of the year comes to a close, in Paris? Here is a secret: in addition to anxiously waiting for the next upcoming fashion weeks, while working on the trends and inspiration we got during fashion week, we also get to work on trying to anticipate the trends of the season that is coming. We really can’t wait until Spring Summer 2018 for that, can we? So, make sure you also stay at the cutting edge of things, and read about 3 beauty trends you can start copying right now.

Hair that will make you sing in the rain. Yes, that’s right! This trend wants your hair to be wet and messy, as if you were surprised by a storm that you just couldn’t find shelter from, or as if you just got out of the sea after a swim, without worrying about your hair at all. Either way, it’s a trend we really like: relax, and take it easy! Just copy Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Maison Margiela.

Bangs are back… Or were they ever gone? Balenciaga, Lemaire and Lutz Huella are telling us that bangs will be everywhere next season: sometimes they’ll be wild, other times they will be curved, or perhaps straight, or also curly. Bangs will always come with mid-length or long hair, and they are an excellent way to change your look.

Bob haircuts. Guy Laroche and Balenciaga‘s versions made us think of the Beatles, we also saw bob hair at Redempton and Lutz Huelle‘s shows, and what they all had in common was that they were all short, or they just touched the shoulders, if they were longer. It really seems like mid-length hair will be everywhere next summer, making us look fresh, smart and casual, with a little retro touch. Why wait for the summer?

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