The sun just touched the morning and our needs to try something new raises with it. For those with long hair, experiencing with new looks is pretty easy and there are plenty of hairdos that can completely change your style.. At least for a day! We chose 3 unconventional hairstyles from Spring Summer 2015 catwalks and wrote a short guideline for you (we also added a few video tutorials: watch them right after the gallery!). Prepare your hairpins and bands!

Romantic Braids. Inspired by the Giorgio Armani show where models were styled with a series of braids.
How to. Part a rectangle of your hair from the forehead to the nape, split into three vertically and plait each section close to the head starting at the front and moving down the nape. Pull the rest of the hair back and secure all together in a low bun and pin it to place.

Mohawk Buns. Fun and super cool, Marc by Marc Jacobs styled it on his runway while Rita Ora showed it on the Red Carpet.
How to. Part your hair in 3 places down the center part, make a tail for section and twist each into classic pin curls, leaving out the ends for added edges.

Hip-Hop Braids. It was the look DKNY used for its SS15 show, inspired by the 90s.
How to. Perfectly pull straight and blow down your hair, then section off the back of the hair in 2 ponytails and secure them with elastics or clear bands. Spray with finishing spray as you start braiding all the way down (watch the tutorial for Eugene Souleiman’s advice).

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