Buns are undoubtedly the easiest hair style in the whole world. They’re quick, practical, and perfect to get your hair out of your face. We love them, both in the summer and the winter… laziness just knows no season! 😉 And it looks like we are not the only ones, since many celebrities (including Chiara) are of the same opinion and have their “signature bun”, the style that’s “theirs” and no one else’s. We compiled a list of 5 of our favourite styles. Now we want to know what’s yours!

the-easy-bunChiara‘s bun of choice, as easy as it is classy. It’s the best friend of those whose hair is voluminous around the roots, and you can achieve it best by brushing well before creating the bun. That’s it – that’s the secret! Not much else to say, although you should know that to make it appropriate for a fancy night, you can always cover the hair tie with a strand of hair and pin it down.

the-sleek-chignonGigi Hadid‘s choice is super elegant, and makes for a “clean” look even when you’re going for a rock style or a sporty one. A neat and visible hair line is fundamental to avoid the ballerina look and make your hair style more glamorous. You can experiment with a side or centered line: it’s a totally different effect. Play around with the final effect of your hair style!

the-classy-chignonNo wonder Elle Fanning looks like a princess in an evening gown: her signature hairdo is basically a replica of Cinderella’s! This traditional chignon, with no visible hair line, very sleek and very preppy, is super beautiful both for the daytime and the evening, especially if you add a ribbon as a final touch, like Elle does on the red carpet. Ready to feel like a princess?

the-messy-chic-bunEmma Watson, one of us! And by “us”, we mean those who grumble about not having time even for brushing their hair in the morning. For this style, you just tie your hair up, and voila – you’re out of the door. For instant extra elegance, just do like Emma does and play with braids to incorporate into your chignon. It only takes a few minutes, promise: you’ll still be able to snooze that alarm!

the-curly-bunAshley Madekwe teaches us the way of the bun when you have a head full of curls: you take advantage of it and just give your chignon a super voluminous finish! You can either tie up all of your hair, or leave some strands loose for a more refined version, a romantic look which works well for a date, too.

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