We bet you also wondered before: what’s the rule for choosing the color of your polish? What rule should you follow to match the colors on your fingers and on your toes? Actually, is there even such a thing as a rule? The answer, luckily, is no. Until a few years ago, the two colors had to match, but this dogma has been no more for a few seasons, and the approach to this issue became a lot more free. Mani and pedicure still have to be properly done — especially pedi! — but there are no more rules about the color of your polish. Just feel free to do what you like! And if you need a few tips, just keep on reading.

1. Go for glitter! Transparent polish on your fingernails, with colored glitter, can be a cute, fun touch, especially for your holidays. If you want to try this out, you can use something more sober on your toes, like dark blue, black or nude.

2. Give metallic colors a chance. You want hands and feet to match? Then go for a catchy color, think silver or gold. They are perfect on tanned skin!

3. Get daring with contrast! Light blue on your toes, and orange on your hands; black and white; fuchsia and… Whatever you like! The trick here is using complementary colors, to still get a harmonious effect. Who is daring enough to try?

4. Play with tones. If you don’t feel like daring with completely opposite colors, choose one color and use two different shades of it. Use the darker one on your toenails. For instance, you could go for dark blue on your feet, and light blue on your fingernails.

5. Try a first little step. If you feel uncomfortable with two different colors on your fingernails and toes, but you still want to get out of the cage of total red, why not try with a midway solution? Get used to seeing two different colors by using transparent or nude polish on either hands or feet. When your eyes got used to that, move on to strategy number 4. And who knows, maybe with time you will get even more daring!

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