Composit - Hair ColorsSpring is the perfect time for change. So, we will challenge you: are you brave enough to change your hair color? While it’s not an easy choice, it doesn’t also have to be forever. To help you choose, we selected 5 hair color trends to try out for Spring 2016. Two of them look very natural, but the others are daring, and use astonishing hues!

Tortoiseshell. The textured effect we most love and are used to seeing on glass frames and other accessories, is now available for your hair, too, thanks to a technique called écaille. You can cheat with this one, it’s just a small change for brunettes.

Brown roast. The other natural trend is for warm brown hair. Just like coffee blend, it revives the hair and enriches the reflections in your hair, creating more complexity in its tones, and giving the color more shine.

Rose gold. The iPhone’s best selling color, and not only. A very light pink nuance gets applied on very fair blonde hair, obtaining a truly magical result. It suits fair skin tones really well.

Blue. Unlike the song or the mood, this is the nuance you should choose to spice up your hair. We especially recommend it to black-haired women, it is the best fitting color for really dark shades.

Ronze. Last but not least, we could describe this as an update on bronde, a mix of copper red and bronze chestnut that fits most skin tones. Just make sure you find the shade that most perfectly fits you and your skin tone.

Did you pick your favorite color? Share your choice with us in the comments!

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