It’s posh, chic and sensual: a ribbon in your hair is the kind of accessory that can give a completely different twist to your look. It can be used in many ways, and you can get creative, depending on your choice of color, thickness and kind of fabric — you can go for satin, silk or velvet. There is really no better way to play with what you can do with your hair, to create hairstyles that will make you stand out, and look charming.

You can also use it to frame your face, wearing your ribbon as a headband, as seen at Chanel‘s FW15’s show: just tie it at on the lower half your head, leaving part of the ribbon hanging. It also looks beautiful as decoration for your bun, like Bianca Balti wears it, either braided into your hair, or as a way to cover your hair-tie.
A ribbon can also work as a substitute for the hair-tie on your ponytail or half ponytail: in the first case, it will make your ponytail look soft and dainty.

Feeling romantic? There’s nothing more feminine than a ribbon getting braided and twisted into your hair, to make and embellish your plaits, like Emily Ratajkovski does.
A ribbon can also be used as a bow: just tie your ribbon beautifully into a bow, and secure it with a bobby pin, anywhere on your head — for instance, on a lock on the side of your head.

Have a look at the photos in the gallery for inspiration, and get ready to decorate your hair with a ribbon!

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