Low ponytails are among the easiest, fastest hairdos we can think of, and they are also immensely popular because they are so versatile. The Fall Winter 2017-2018 shows have given us plenty of ideas to reinterpret this hairstyle differently: we picked 7 of them for you, and divided them by how much skill you need to copy each style.

BEGINNER. Look at Acne‘s super-low ponytail, tied with an elastic hair tie, that makes your hair look like it’s down. Conran lets two thick locks loose on the side, also creating the optical illusion of having your hair down. Marc Valvo shows you how to wrap your hair around your ponytail, to completely cover your hair tie. Altuzarra makes low ponytails just perfect for any occasion, by simply adding a small accessory: headbands.

EXPERT. Do you love braids? Then look at Balmain, and its three braids that start at the crown of the head, turning into one low ponytail at the bottom of the head. Delpozo shows us an original interpretation of low ponytails, made by two small side ponytails held together by a hair tie, leaving some space between the two locks, creating a long, flat low ponytail.

So, are your pros or beginners?

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8 Responses to “7​ ways to style your low ponytail, the hair trend for Fall Winter 2017-2018”

  • The one on the photo header looks like something new 😍 Love it, thanks for sharing the idea!
    going to try : )

    Reply to Inna
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