Let’s be honest: women are obsessed with their hair! We take care of them so much just because we are totally aware of just how much we stress them — with hair dyes, ponytails, braiding, repigmentation, highlights, hairdos, sunshine, salt, pollution, work, and heaven knows what else. But what if we told you that you just need to take 3 minutes of your time to have amazing hair?

The secret is to take good care of your hair every time you wash it, so you don’t have to do it with extreme, last-minute solutions to save heavily damaged hair. If the heat coming from your hair drier damages your mane like crazy, a lack of moisture will make it very weak and impossible to save: this is why it is very important to use conditioner every single time you wash your hair, even if you’re in a rush. Trust us, it only takes a matter of minutes!

Chiara, whose hair looked gorgeous during fashion week, was the first to test Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle conditioner in Italy. This conditioner can heal the damage of 3 years in just 3 minutes, and it helped Chiara counter the effects of using hairdryers, hair straighteners and tongs for a long time, always keeping her hair healthy and shiny, WOWing everyone in the process.

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    I wish you would spend more time creating more curated advertising content…I understand that you have to make money, but I don’t understand why you and your team spends so little time trying to make it seem authentic. I mean seriously you threw together a few pictures of yourself during a good hair day and a picture of a Pantene bottle and you expect us to believe you used this product?? Hold yourself to a higher standard a lot of women look up to you and spend time reading this blog. It won’t be for long if this continues.

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  • Ugh yes you’re right about those last minute drastic solutions seem to coat the hair rather than make it strong and healthy. Conditioning is so important for closing the cuticle after shampooing (opens cuticle to moisturizing oils and nutrients can enter hair shaft). I love to use a once weekly protein treatment in addition to every-other day wash and condition.

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  • I don´t use a conditioner every single time I wash my hair because it can be sticky or sometimes it is greasy in one day! If I use a conditioner, I always use it first, then wash it off and then I use the shampoo as a second step 🙂 That´s what work for my hair 🙂 But yeah, Chiara has amazing hair..


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