Good news! Our avo toast obsession can also be beauty-motivated now. Avocados aren’t only just great on toast, sliced or as guacamole: they are great for your skin, too. How? Well, avocados are so rich in nutrients and the oil you can extract from them is packed with amazing properties. Avocado oil is edible, it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids as well as vitamins A, D and E, Omega 3, lecithin, antioxidants, potassium and proteins. It penetrates your skin really well, and it gets absorbed quickly, making it easier for your skin to take in the nutrients it needs. Avocado oil is recommended for dry, sensitive, damaged and mature skin, since it will help nourish it, and give it a new glow.

You can reap all these benefits by using smashed ripe avocado pulp as a beauty mask – although it might end up being a little troublesome and inconvenient, so you might be better off keeping avocado pulp for toast. A simpler option is adding avocado oil to your favorite products. Oil comes in many forms, there are cold pressed ones, usually for cooking or eating; others are extracted through solvents, to then be treated, purified and clarified for cosmetic use. In this case, those oils will look like an odorless, golden liquid.

skinThe antioxidants in avocado oil are particularly helpful for sunburnt skins, and generally skin that has been overexposed to UV rays, including the ones from sunbeds. It’s also good to heal small burns from domestic accidents, to heal small cuts and to help scars fade, too. Masks are our favorite way to enjoy the benefits of avocados: whether they come as creams or as tissue masks, they are just an unbeatable shock treatment that will give your skin all the rehydration it needs!


Lecithin and potassium, also known as the mineral of youth, are both helpful for your skin, as well as your hair. In this regard, avocado oil can solve problems like itching, and it can help take care of dandruff issues. You can apply it on your scalp with a light massage, and in the long run, this will also stimulate hair growth. Avocado oil is often an ingredient in shampoos and masks, you can discover the best ones in our gallery.

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