What do Lily Collins, Emily RatajkowskiBella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have in common? Some of you might say, they all have bangs! Others might think otherwise… And you would both be right! This seems like a time in which a lot of our favorite celebrities are having fun changing their look a little, and we get it: deciding whether or not to have bangs is not so simple, because whether you have bangs influences something else that is very important: the amount of minutes you’ll need to get ready in the morning, because taking care of your bangs can be pretty complicated. So, if you are also not sure of what to do, follow celebrities, and try fake bangs. You can get your fake bangs in two ways: the first one is by just creating one with your hairstyle, only using what Mother Nature gave you – look at the video tutorial below the gallery! The second method is not as natural, as it requires using a fake fringe, like the Hershesons ones. If you feel bold and you decided to go ahead and cut your hair, there is a small trick you should be aware of that will make managing your bangs a lot easier: always keep some dry shampoo handy, it will allow you to take care of your fringe in just one small gesture. Have a look at the gallery to get some celebrity inspiration… and a little dose of extra courage!

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