Etro bbt F16 017The time always comes, before the holidays. That time that makes you feel like changing something about your look, maybe by changing your hairstyle. Does that happen to you, too? We had a look at the photos of fashion shows and at some images of our favorite celebrities for inspiration. And after looking at a few, we noticed one thing that they all had in common: they all seem to be saying, bangs? Yes, please! Whether you have long hair, a bob, straight or messy hair, it doesn’t really matter. You can adapt any of these styles to include a small fringe to frame your features. Here’s a useful trend tip: you might want to wait until you’re back from the holidays to “cut it out”. Trust us, dealing with the heat, and your new bangs and sunscreen and a tan might prove a little challenging.
You’ll definitely need a tad of patience and a few more appointments at your studio, since this trend is a little high-maintenance. It’s quite likely you might need to cut your hair every 2 or 3 weeks! Also, please, do us a favor: if you’ve never done this before, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. We know, and so should you, that the results would be terrible. Actually maybe even terrifying 😉 The cool thing about bangs is that you can completely revamp your style with a very small change, without drastically cutting everything… And you can be sure that by next season you’ll be as good as any of the IT girls out there!

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