One of the recurring nightmares of a beauty addict is a bad hair day at the beach, especially for those of us with unruly hair. Saltwater, the sun, and the summer breeze all contribute to making hairstyles unmanageable and our hair frizzy. Loose hair, in these situations, is a no no. Fashion week to the rescue! We can find inspiration in the shows and get crazy with braids, ponytails, messy or space buns, chignons and many more styles.

Ponytails (especially high ponytails) are an easy fix if you don’t feel like doing your hair before heading to the beach. You can also work a ponytail with wet hair (instant fresh, summer look!) or you can cover the hair tie with a strand of hair wrapped around it and kept in place with a hairpin.

Braids can be high and messy, and you can accessorize them with ribbons and flowers (and if you’re at the beach, flowers in your hair are the perfect glam touch – especially if the flower matches your swimsuit: you’ll be the queen of the beach!).
Let our gallery inspire you and get together with your friends to start experimenting with your favorite hairstyles. And then – off to the beach for a great time!

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