whoGarret Markenson is a Californian hair stylist with a passion for innovation applied to natural ingredients. His dream was to create something beautiful and beneficial for his salon and for his clients, but not only: he also wanted to create something that could help the planet, as well as hair. A dreamer, you say? Maybe. After all, the name of his project means “daydream”…

whatThe REVERIE line, a series of high-quality natural products that contains no silicon, and whose ingredients are all naturally sourced from locations all over the world, especially from family-owned farm businesses. He likes to call his Shampoo and Conditioner “hair skincare”, which is why he focused all his work on simple, but very effective formulas that work for all hair types. REVERIE is made for all, but most of all, for those who want simple but effective products.

whyThe REVERIE treatments are natural and therefore not aggressive on the hair, they treat it and offer long-term benefits. Even though they are all organic, shampoo, conditioner, milk and oil all guarantee a perfect hair styling that won’t weigh down your hair, on the contrary, it will give it a new shine and a wonderful scent. Last but not least, all products are cruelty-free!

tbs-cuoreHow can you say no to a volumizing spray named MARE (“sea”, in Italian) that contains Mediterranean sea salt and has a vanilla, bergamot, lemon and almond scent? You can’t, right? Especially if you know it will make your hair stronger, and it make you look even more beautiful!


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