who-2Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind are two professional hairstylists who decided to put their skill and passion to work, to create a professional haircare brand. Both of them are Swedish, but they come from very different walks of life: Sasha followed his passion for hair rather than pursuing his career in economics, and became one of the most sought after hairdressers in America, working especially on magazine photoshoots for glossies like Amica, Elle, GQ, WWD, Allure and Vogue Mexico, Brazil and Australia. Juan started his career working in a salon which counted the Swedish royals, as will as 1980s and 1990s celebrities, among its patrons.

what-1Sachajuan started in 1997 in Stockholm, when Sascha and Juan opened one salon in Stockholm. Their first line of haircare products came a few years later, in 2004. Sacha and Juan’s idea was to create a holistic product that would make hair healthy and shiny, giving it a beautiful glow. This was how their “oceanic” formula came to be: based on seaweed and sea salt, the formula takes care of your mane, making it soft, and replenishing it. The collection doesn’t just include shampoo, conditioner and tailored treatments for all sorts of hair, it also includes some sun protection hair creams, as well as a small selection of body lotions.

why-1What makes the brand unique is its philosophy, based on simplicity and no trying to find a balance between quality and innovation: haircare must be effective, but it also must be intuitively easy to use. And once we have the ocean caressing our hair, what more could we want, really? These products will moisturise your mane wonderfully, and make your hair visibly more beautiful.

tbs-cuoreTheir hair products with sunblock, which will leave your hair soft and hydrated even after spending a whole day under the sun.

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