grey hair

Let’s say that you woke up this morning and spotted your first grey hair. Don’t freak out! Actually you need to know that you’ve never been cooler. That’s right, because grey hair seems to be the real beauty trend for this season, celebs and fashionistas are dyeing their hair silver and the contrast with a super underground and colorful look is really awesome. The outcome is ultra chic and sophisticated, especially because grey has more – a lot more – than 50 shades to use in order to enchant and charm. A whiter shade is perfect for who has a light skin tone, like Lady Gaga, while light tips and darker tops are wonderful on those who have a browner skin, for example on Rihanna and Dasha Polanco (see them in the gallery below).

So, are we going to stop disguising our unwanted roots? If even Kate Middleton was spotted with some grey without making a drama about it, it definitely seems so. Need any other proof that silver is super cool? Joan Didion, was the new face for the 2015 Céline campaign, and musician Joni Mitchell was Hedi Slimane’s muse for Saint Laurent. Both show off an incredibly chic yet grey hairstyle. Of course, theirs is natural and obtaining that shade isn’t easy for who has dark hair because you would have to completely bleach it. Some advice? Focus on the tips, in this way you don’t stress too much your hair. You can also fade to grey very slowly, passing gradually from a darker tone until you reach your goal. And for all of you blondes… Just go for it!



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