It’s not a secret for anyone, right? We love natural hair care! After exploring the best natural sunscreen products and skincare suggestions, here we are with some tips on haircare. Nature offers plenty of wonderful active ingredients to nourish your mane. The formulas of the most famous green brands are guaranteed to conserve the effects of these pure active ingredients, without mixing them with sylicon, parabens, and other substances you really don’t want to see on your product’s label. Using natural shampoo and conditioner will require some time to adapt, at first you will feel like your hair isn’t as clean as usual, but that will be because the oil that your skin naturally produces to protect your scalp won’t get washed away anymore. Think long-term here: in a few weeks, you will notice your hair will look healthier, perfectly clean and shinier than ever. Ready to test it yourself? Look at the gallery to find out what our favorite brands are. We also included a few tips on masks and styling products… There’s nothing missing, we even found dry shampoo!

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  • Great list!

    I personally used John Masters organic shampoo for my dull and dry hair. It was a good experience indeed. However, the basic problem with organic cosmetics is they are super expensive. Not much affordable for everyday use. 🙁

    For everyday use, I prefer tresmme shampoo and conditioner. They work just fine. 🙂

    Reply to Sephora Couturier

    Dove si acquistano i prodotti naturali X capelli a roma ???

    Reply to Alessandra
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