We want to share a little secret with you, it’s an unwritten rule from the fashion week beauty backstages. If Guido Palau – one of the most famous and appreciated hair stylists in the world, as well as Redken’s creative director – brings a haircut on the table, make sure you stop and listen carefully, because that will be the absolute trend in hair the following season. Just so you know, he was responsible for Katherine Ann Moore‘s hair that was the talk of town after Marc Jacobs‘s show a few seasons ago… And this might already be giving you a hint as to what we are going to suggest now: if you look at Palau’s Instagram account, you might notice that there is one hairstyle appearing over and over again there, with different finishes and from different perspectives. A blunt bob, in its extremely bon ton 1990s version, to be precise: rigorously short, right under the ears, almost geometric in its precision, even when it comes with bangs. It’s a versatile, breezy and wonderful style, both straight – as in Palau’s version for Winona Ryder, featured in Marc Jacobs’s Fall Winter 2017-2018 campaign – as well as in its wavy incarnations, seen on Kelly Rowland and model Cara Taylor. Let the gallery inspire you and…. Cut it out!


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  • I love ❤️ a great bob . The problem being the modern woman has found how to style her hair , without cutting it off . Hair trends can be a hard sell when it means cutting it!
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