Dear friends, wherever you are in the world, the same problem troubles all of us: disappearing bobby pins. It’s an old story, and people have more theories about where pins end up than they do about the latest Game of Thrones developments. Do they just walk away? Do they come alive at night? Are they at the orders of the Night King? Nobody knows. The good news, however, is that the Fall 2017 fashion shows have a creative solution for this problem: you can’t lose your pins if you keep them where everyone can see them – on your head! Not only to keep your hair style in place (as we all do), but also as a proper accessory to sport. You can use jewel pins, like on the runways of Ashley Williams and N°21, or just regular pins, and get creative with them. If you only have a few lying around, you can follow the example of Ermanno Scervino or Cividini and accessorize the area around your ears. This is also a super practical option, as it’ll keep your hair out of your face, and thus it is perfect for back-to-work or back-to-school days. If you just got a new packet or have a huge collection of hair pins, though, your homework is trying to recreate the look proposed by Cristiano Burani. Admittedly, it’ll be a little heavy, but the final result will be unforgettable!

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