Thea Green, former Fashion Editor at Tatler, used to travel a lot for her job. It was on the way back from a trip to the United States 15 years ago that she realized the United Kingdom lacked the wide selection of easy-to-use nail polish brands that offered professional results even for those with limited time – something she had just discovered in America.


A bulb went off. Thus Nails Inc was born, and over the past 10+ years, it has become a leading company in the beauty sector and the favourite nail polish of many a star. Today, whatever you are looking for in a nail polish, there is a Nails Inc’s product for you to try at home or in one the many nail bars in London or in the rest of the country. All in all, more than 150 colors are available, including glitter and matte shades and a lot more.


There is no going wrong with this brand’s nail polishes, whether you appreciate the quality of their more traditional products or the inventiveness of their innovative creations. A product line created a couple years ago consists of spray-on nail polishes, which are not just super easy to apply, but also dry fast. You just have to try them.


These nail polishes are named after London’s streets (think Porchester Square or Mayfair Lane) as well as after celebrities and designers they collaborate with. Every single Nails Inc polish created in partnership with Victoria Beckham is a must-have!

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