Sally Hansen is a name that should ring a bell, but then again, we also know that it is virtually impossible to remember the names all of the beauty brands on this planet. This is a historical brand, though, it was founded in the 1950s, when Sally asked her chemist husband’s help in her quest to find a formula to strengthen her nails, and together, they came up with Hard as Nails. That product was the start of a path of research and innovation that has spilled into this century.


70 years later, Sally Hansen is a household name for quality nail polish with good prices, and a rainbow of colors that would make My Little Pony green with envy. The line is made of two product families, one for care and the other for color, and includes all you need for the perfect manicure, at home and at the nail salon.


Anyone who chooses to take care of their nails at home knows that they have to choose quality products, and this brand keeps its promises. Their polish is truly long-lasting, it lasts forever without getting damaged, and their new lamp-free gel polishes are a true must-have. Think of any color: it will be very hard not to find it as a Sally Hansen product, although it might not be sold out, since these polishes are such best sellers.


Their nail care products are perfect for all those who need to restore the health of their hands after winter, to prepare for the warm season. Their Insta-Dri topcoat is a real must-have, it will help your polish dry twice as faster, and keep your manicure looking just perfect for over a week!

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