who-1Dineh Mohajer had her first breakthrough in the cosmetic industry at 22, when she was a Biochemistry major at the University of Southern California; by combining her studies with her passion for makeup, she created the perfect nail polish formula to create what were the trendiest colors of the time.

whatSmith & Cult is the brand Dineh founded together with beauty veteran Jeann Chavez. The line, comprising 33 different colors including top coats and base coats, soon turned into a full makeup product line, such as lipglosses, eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzes, all of which are coordinated with nail polish hues. Like yin and yang, Smith & Cult is based on the idea that life and our life choices are intrinsecally contradictory things, which is reflected in a palette that includes both sophisticated nuances and punk colors and glitter.

why‘Diary of a Beauty Junkie’ is the perfect phrase to describe this brand, which is completely dedicated to the cult of beauty, mixing sensitivity and love for cosmetics with tech research and the new formulas that stem from research and innovation. These nail polishes are extremely durable even without containing any harmful ingredients and while being classified as 8-free. Nothing is left to chance – the packaging is elegant and refined, and the bottles have unconventional and attractive shapes.

tbs-cuoreWe can’t help loving nail polishes with names such as Glass Soul (with silver glitter), Gay Ponies Dancing In The Snow (pink glitter) o Dark Like Me (dark black). And indeed we fell head over heels for them – not just for their colors, which are always on top of the latest trends, for how nice and shiny they look even a long time after application! They seem to be singing love me, love me, say that you love me… and what could we ever answer to that?

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