I will share a secret with you: I love dark, 99% pure chocolate, and I eat quite a bit of it every night. I bet I’m not the only one chocolate lover, too: this treat makes you so happy and relaxed with just one bite… And one of chocolate’s main properties, it turns out, is that it stimulates endorphin production, and endorphin is what helps you relax and feel happy — this is why it can be addictive, not just because it’s delicious!

Cocoa is not only good for your mood, it has many other good properties: it hydrates your skin, making it smoother, and purifies it. It is also an excellent antioxidant, since it contains polyphenols, and polyphenols are excellent allies for battling free radicals in your system. So, chocolate is not only good to eat, it slows down the aging process, too, and it is also one of the main ingredients in anti-cellulite treatments. So even if we can’t eat as much chocolate as we like, we can still use it for our bodies, taking in all its wonderful benefits, and enjoying its fragrance!

What if I told you cocoa is also good for your hair? Because it is: thanks to its vitamin, mineral and amino acid content, cocoa lends volume to your hair, it hydrates it, softens it and gifts it with a wonderful shine, highlighting its natural sheen. There aren’t so many chocolate-based products on the market yet, other than the ones you will find in our gallery, but you could try making your own home-made hair mask, mixing cocoa, honey and olive or almond oil. I do it about once a month, and I must say I noticed the results quite quickly: my hair is a lot softer, it smells lovely, and it is super easy to comb. Just two recommendations: rinse abundantly with shampoo, and don’t even think of adding Nutella to your mask… That will not nourish your hair, it will just work as hazel-colored hair-dye!

So, yes, chocolate was made to grant our every wish, and to offer us an all-round, multi-sensory experience. It’s a sweet ingredient that you must absolutely add to your skincare and haircare routine. So, the next time you bite off a piece of chocolate, have a look at our gallery, and pamper your senses!

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