As always, we spent the time during the Haute Couture shows last week glued to our screen, to identify any trends that we could see, striding down the catwalk. It seemed like makeup was the one element that would grab our attention over the last few seasons, but this year, we had to think again. Hairstyles were the true focus of Spring Summer 2017, in two variations that we know pretty well by now: braids and chignons.
So, welcome to the first episode of “Pimp My Hair! Couture Edition”, that we entirely dedicate to braids, or to be more precise, to their couture evolution.

sartorialbraidsMaison Margiela‘s next generation braids are sartorial, weaving material elements into our manes. The finished look has a strong connection to the outfit being worn, in one way through the interplay of colors, and in the other, through its form. The rainbow braid was our favorite, and it is a style we can absolutely imagine in a look for the next Coachella. To make your very own rainbow braid, all you need to do is tie thin colorful ribbons to the roots of your hair, and create a dutch braid, incorporating the ribbons while braiding. Change the colors of the ribbons every time you start weaving, to never get tired of it.

crownbraidsLet’s debunk a myth here: braids aren’t only for people with long hair. Antonio Ortega‘s version works for just any hair length, making it possible for everyone to get braiding. The hairstyle grows into a crown, whose weave is sometimes imprecise, and deliberately messy. The one accessory you shouldn’t forget in this case is bobby pins, without which the look will not really last the whole day. A good dose of hairspray wouldn’t hurt, either, but don’t overdo it: you may end up damaging the laid back effect of this up look, if you make it too static and rigid.

piratebraidsO captain! My captain! It’s time to sail away into the unknown with Jean Paul Gaultier! We will be the envy of the 7 seas with these incredibly powered-up braids. To get this look, grab your comb, and start backcombing like there is no tomorrow! Start from the nape of your neck, and weave up towards your forehead, without braiding the locks too tightly. You will need a lot of volume to copy this style, and the pirate look will be complete by pulling some locks out of the braids with your fingers. You can also accessorize these braids with a few ribbons, just add them into the mix while you create your weave.

goodgirlbraidsWe didn’t only come across crazy braiding styles during these Haute Couture shows: Schiaparelli decided to play with a classic, by adding two extremely chic details to a low braid: a hairband that keeps your hair away from your face, and a tulle ribbon to hold the weave. Our personal interpretation: why not exchange both fabrics with velvet? Velvet is an absolute must-have right now, and it will make you look even more sophisticated!

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