“Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the best nail polish for my next manicure?”. If we could ask it questions like we do with Siri, Snow White’s Evil Queen’s mirror would be our favorite beauty ally. Unfortunately, no mirrors can actually give us any answers, but we are still lucky enough to have fashion shows, as our compass for exploring new trends, and our guide for anything related to fashion and beauty. So, what is the answer to the nail polish question? The darkest shade you can find! Think dark, and go for black, or hues so dark that it will be hard to make out the original color. Go find our favorite colors and discover our Fall Winter 2016-2017 catwalk inspiration in the gallery!

7 Responses to “The darkest polish of ’em all for Fall Winter 2016-2017”

  • I love a dark nail! Especially come fall time! Such a cool trend that takes a bold person to pull it off.


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