When it comes to coiffure, braids are pretty much the crème de la crème of all hair stylings. They come in never-ending variations that hairstylists skillfully show off on the catwalks year after year: over the last few seasons, we admired accurate tiny braids, huge messy ones, multiple interlocking, Middle Ages or African inspired styles.

This Fall Winter season 2016-2017, we were glad to notice more braids: we kind of time travelled into the world of Game of Thrones — seen those huge braided loops at Moncler? —  then we moved on to a hiphop dance floor in the Bronx, with the amazing cornrows at Creature, and we finally ended up in an African inspired ballet class — check out those tight neck-up braid chignons at Dior’s. And guess what, we loved our trip!

So we decided that this year, we’re going to need more braids in our life. Since our hairstyling often fails before we even start, due to our lack of time in the morning, we picked a special braiding style that is not only comparatively fast to manage, but that also works with nearly every hair length: center parting braids! This feminine, romantic hairstyle can work during the day, as well as on special events.

How to create center parting braids

The narrow, neat braid that runs over the top of your head will look like a single cornrow that covers the middle parting from the neck to the forehead, splitting there into two loose ends that can be fixed behind the ears. 

It might look complicated, but it isn’t: as long as you know how to make cornrows (there are plenty of tutorials on youtube), it will only take you a few minutes. All you need to do is split your hair into two parts, making sure you leave a  fine lock of hair in the middle. Start braiding tightly from your neck towards your forehead. Split the loose ends in two parts and fix each of them behind one ear. Voilà – the amazing hairstyle is ready!


Tutorial for braided parting




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