As true beauty lovers, we always pay attention to every detail at the fashion week, and try to copy looks perfectly, in every single detail. There’s just one little problem here, which is, we are nowhere near as skilled as the artists who work backstage at fashion week: they are true pros! When we had a look around, in NY and Milan, we discovered something very important, though, that is, not every detail requires perfect technique that is impossible to replicate! So, here we are with the instructions to recreate 3 unique manicure styles… Jeremy Scott, Antonio Marras and Blugirl SS17. When you see what Jeremy Scott’s MAC nail artist uses, you will be blown away!
Jeremy Scott. The base here can be either a beautiful bright color, or black. What you will need to add the graphic element is… the cap eraser of a pencil! All you need to do is dip it into your polish, and use it as a small stamp. If you want to make your color bubble a little smaller, all you have to do is sharpen the eraser. Don’t forget to seal it all with a good topcoat.

Antonio Marras. The codeword here is accent nails. Your ring finger is central to this manicure style. The good news is, this manicure method is very fast and easy to copy. All you need to is two thin brushstrokes that create contrast, followed by a layer of topcoat, and… you’re done!

Blugirl. The trick here is ultra-simple: it’s all about mixing together a color that will only be yours. You will have to go to MAC’s Pro Store to obtain exactly the same shade as the one we saw on the catwalk. Here is the recipe of the color you saw at SS17: mix Morange and some yellow pigment together. You can enjoy experimenting, adding the yellow pigment very slowly to the polish on a paper plate!

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