It already happened when we talked about tattoos: I realized that with my pin-straight hair, I was not qualified to advise you on how to manage your curls. Thankfully, there is no want of curly heads here at TBS Crew and among my friends, so here’s the collective knowledge of 3 people who deal with curls every day and are ready to teach you all you need to know about curly hair (and how to tame it!)


Hair. corkscrew curls; fine, voluminous hair; long and dark.
Routine. my hair tends to get greasy very fast, but it’s not particularly noticeable. To avoid the annoying feeling of frizziness, I still wash them frequently – about every other day. The only exception is when I’m at the beach: saltwater helps make my curls a lot more defined. The most important part of my routine is the washing – the only time when my hair will tolerate brushing! After the shampoo, I need hair conditioner that’ll absorb quickly and allow me to brush easily. I don’t use a comb – that would make my hair break off. After rinsing, I dry excess water with a towel and apply a treatment for extra curl definition, which I alternate with argan oil in the summer so that my hair gets the nourishment it needs. In this season, I also apply an UV-protective spray, even though it makes my hair get greasy faster.
Cut. once or twice a year, because I am desperately (I’m only half-joking) trying to grow my hair longer! Unlayered haircuts are my only option if I don’t want my hair to be out of control.
Must-haves. hair ties, which HAVE to be spiral hair ties if I don’t want to my hair to break off. What’s fun about my hair is that it lends itself to all sorts of creative hairdos, so I try to take advantage of that!


Type. loose curls, long and thick hair, henna-dyed brown.
Routine. I wash my hair every other day, with a delicate shampoo. I never use hair conditioner – I know, unbelievable! But with my hair, that’s what I have to do if I don’t want to find myself with shapeless hair within a few hours. After stepping out of the shower, I pat my hair with a towel and apply a foam product to give it definition. As my hair craves moisturizing, I use pure argan oil. I leave it to absorb on damp hair for half an hour, then I complete my routine without rinsing. Its nourishing abilities do wonders for my hair and make it super shiny, without making it heavy!
Cut. layered, razor-cut hairdos are what works best for me for managing volume so that I don’t look like Sideshow Bob.
Must-haves. super-nourishing oil for the ends: it’s lightweight but moisturizes to perfection. It never fails – even on those days when I’m at war with my hair and it just doesn’t want to cooperate.


Type. coiled, well-defined curls; greasy scalp; frizzy ends.
Routine. I don’t wash my hair more than twice a week or I risk losing volume and ending up with shapeless hair. After washing, I apply a strong reconstruction treatment, while brushing my hair. Then it’s time for rinsing, and then I pat my hair with a towel to remove excess water. My curls need a specific fixative treatment before drying (which I let them do naturally in the hot season and with a diffuser at any other time). I keep a moisturizing product at hand to apply on the ends whenever they get frizzy.
Cut. keyword: layers! If you can find a hairdresser who’s willing to cut your curls while they’re dry, try it. It makes all the difference in the world, you can immediately see if the volume works, and you won’t look like a mushroom.
Must-haves. supplements, especially when the season changes. I notice a huge change in the health of my hair when I care for them directly and from within, too. It takes some consistence but it’s so worth it!

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