Nineties was such a cool decade for our hair. Yes, even if you would like to hide under the ground when you find some old photos, the hairstyles that were so cool in those years are actually super hot right now. Would you like to discover how we’re going to style our hair in 2018?

Sarah Jessica Parker – Winnie Harlow

Natural curls

Let’s say “no more” to artificial curls created with irons. 2018 is bringing back natural curls, just like Carrie Bradshaw (and obviously Sarah Jessica Parker) ones in the very first Sex and the city season. The more rebel and wilder, the better: we can take some inspirations by beautiful Winnie Harlow and top models like Alanna Arrington and Mica Arganaraz.

Alicia Silverstone – Hailey Baldwin


In 1995 we all wanted to have the same hair as Cher Horowitz, the unforgettable “Clueless” main character played on screen by Alicia Silverstone. She could create a simple, gorgeous natural and smooth hairstyle just flipping her hair on a side or another. We did the same thousands of times, without any good results. But in 2018 everything can change…maybe it’s the perfect time to recreate our flipside hairstyle, as Hailey Baldwin does.

Naomi Campbell – Chiara Ferragni

The highest ponytail ever

High ponytail has always been a super tricky hairstyle. How could we recreate that hyper defined look, as Naomi Campbell used to do in the Nineties? In those years, brushes and combs were our only allies, now we can even use vacuum cleaners (check on YouTube what we’re talking about…). But hey, high ponytails are always the most elegant hairstyle ever, in the Nineties but also in 2018, as ur dearest Chiara Ferragni showed us recently.

Emma Bunton – Millie Bobby Brown

Space (or spice) buns

Don’t be afraid to say the truth: Emma Bunton was your favourite Spice and you couldn’t help to style your locks with her famous mini buns. Well, in 2018 Spice Girls are planning their reunion tour, so it’s the perfect time to challenge your inner Baby Space and show us your most gorgeous space buns. We bet you won’t be alone: Millie Bobby Brown has already rocked them on SAG Awards red carpet.

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