Time for a confession: I think hair masks must be my least favorite beauty product. I don’t hate them, there might be traces of love here and there, considering the miraculous effect they have on our manes. The problem is how they have to be used: the idea of getting into the shower, shampooing our hair, patting it dry, applying a product for a length of time between 10 and 25 minutes, and subsequently getting back into the shower to rinse, before being finally ready to dry completely and get dressed… Come on, it’s too much! Everyone has a part of their beauty routine that they don’t enjoy so much. Some people forget their under-eye area, others apply moisturizers only in the morning but not at night. We all have our own Achille’s heel, right? Patience was included in my New Year resolutions last year, and it will be next year, too: this is why I tried to come up with ways to get over this obstacle.


You can start by using the minutes you need to keep the mask on to make a call and have a chat with a good friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, to fill her in on the latest episodes of the crazy show that is your life. I really recommend using earphones in this case, both to keep your hands free, and to protect your phone from annoying accidents.


You can use this break to practice braiding and other hairdos. Hair covered in a mask is way easier to handle, and braids easier to undo. 10 minutes are enough to test at least two new ‘dos.


If you are very, very bored, why not have a nap? Really! Just place a towel on the pillow, or wear a shower cap, like the ones you find in hotel rooms. Some masks are made to be worn overnight, so it is really not a problem if you wear them a little longer.


Of course, you can also read, or watch an episode of Lovesick on Netflix – or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, if you feel like a laugh-, or start prepping dough for a cake… What matters is, never forget to comb your hair before you rinse the hair mask off.


It will take a bit of patience, and a few more minutes.


Then, you can finally go back to the bathroom.


Jump under the water to rinse the mask off…


Dry your hair!


And show off your beautiful mane in all its renewed splendor!


Here are the masks on rotation at the moment:

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