Composit - BraidsWe saw them going from the gym to the big screen with Hilary Swank, in Million Dollar Baby. We’ve started keeping a watchful eye when they graced the heads of many celebrities, and now, they’re even on NYFW catwalks. It’s official: the coolest hairstyle of 2016 is double braids, better known as boxer braids.

How to get them? If you are a braids’ newbie, then you better ask for the support of a friend. The most difficult thing is incorporating the different locks while braiding, but with a little practice you’ll soon become experts! Let’s start. Create a strong center parting. Now, apply some texturizing product so that the hair won’t slip away while you work on the braid. Keep braiding downwards creating a “dutch braid”. Arrive at the back of the neck, where you’ll fix a first hair tie. So, continue braiding the hair ending the hairstyle with another tie, letting the braid lay on your shoulders. The magic is done!

Boxer braids were born on the ring but this style works even for evenings out, days at the office and romantic dates. Many are the celebrities seen wearing this style, from Kim Kardashian to Vanessa Hudgens (even Snoop Dogg has always been rocking them!), you can browse through our gallery and check them out. We’re just waiting on your selfies! 😉

40 Responses to “Hair Trend: Boxer braids are the coolest hairstyle of 2016”

    They are called CORNROWS and funny that black women have been wearing these FOREVER, but your post only features white women. How predictable.

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    These are not Not box braids roflllll at the ignorance

    Reply to Renee

    Are you serious??! They’re called FRENCH BRAIDS and have been worn in the African/ African-American communities since the beginning of Time!

    Reply to Em

    “Born in the ring” made popular by Hillary Swank? I swear I hate this disrespectful shit

    Reply to Althera Monique

    While I can appreciate our hairstyles becoming mainstream I’m really annoyed by it as well. African-American having been doing this for years. Long before Snoop Dog was born. The tutorials are hilarious when culturally we just natural know how to do this.

    Reply to Nicole

    How in the world is this a new trend!? Someone please explain this to me, because unless your head was under a rock for hundreds of years this style has been around for ages.

    Reply to Angelina

    These are not BOXER braids. They’re called French Braids and have always been known as French Braids. They did not originate in “the ring” they originated in the hood. Get it right before you spread more culture vulture propaganda.

    Reply to Nina

    I find it disheartening that as a woman of color I’ve worn, and seen women in our communities wear this hair style my entire life and yet it took Hollywood to make it “cool”. Well that being said these women look great in these braids.

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      • Thank you. It’s really ridiculous how something worn by women of color only becomes acceptable when a white woman starts to do it too. 🙁

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            And what is a boxer braid lord have mercy lol

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  • I’ve seen so many people wear boxer braids recently. That hair style is so cool x

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    they do look nice

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