Composit - BraidsWe saw them going from the gym to the big screen with Hilary Swank, in Million Dollar Baby. We’ve started keeping a watchful eye when they graced the heads of many celebrities, and now, they’re even on NYFW catwalks. It’s official: the coolest hairstyle of 2016 is double braids, better known as boxer braids.

How to get them? If you are a braids’ newbie, then you better ask for the support of a friend. The most difficult thing is incorporating the different locks while braiding, but with a little practice you’ll soon become experts! Let’s start. Create a strong center parting. Now, apply some texturizing product so that the hair won’t slip away while you work on the braid. Keep braiding downwards creating a “dutch braid”. Arrive at the back of the neck, where you’ll fix a first hair tie. So, continue braiding the hair ending the hairstyle with another tie, letting the braid lay on your shoulders. The magic is done!

Boxer braids were born on the ring but this style works even for evenings out, days at the office and romantic dates. Many are the celebrities seen wearing this style, from Kim Kardashian to Vanessa Hudgens (even Snoop Dogg has always been rocking them!), you can browse through our gallery and check them out. We’re just waiting on your selfies! 😉

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