Composit - ChignonIt was everywhere in the Spring Summer 2016 shows, all of our favorite celebs wear it and it’s the hairstyle that allows you to get a chic look in just a few seconds. We’re talking about the chignon, the hair trend for Spring 2016.

Don’t just assume it’s a plain choice. If well built, a hair bun can make you feel more ethereal than Grace Kelly and give you a regal allure even in your everyday life. There are plenty of versions; from the traditional ballerina style to the top-knot. Our favorite one though, the same as Gigi Hadid’s, is the one it’s named after. The French word derives, in fact, from ‘chignon du cou’, an expression indicating the position of the hair knot on the back of the head, close to the neck.

Browse through our gallery to find various ideas for a chignon and the perfect products to recreate the look. With just a click on the name of the product you’ll be able to buy it right away! You’re welcome. 😉

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