Marissa Webb bbt F15 002It’s the coolest accessory of the moment, but you don’t have to break the bank to have it, all it takes is the will to change! Yes, you’ve guessed it!  It’s the bangs, that this winter seems to be a must have for long, medium length or super short hair. Yes, because a fringe works with every haircut and although what you might thing even works for those  with glasses. The trend shows in fact that  we shouldn’t be afraid of hiding our look! The coolest couple of the season are undoubtedly geek frame and bangs that slightly hide the eyes. Have we convinced you? Now all it’s left is for you to find the perfect one for you! We selected 50 different type of bangs from the Fall Winter 2015-2016 shows, from minimal to punk, it’s time for a cut! 😉

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    Your site is glitchy and as slow as molasses; took so long to load I gave up waiting as I figured newer hairstyles would be out before I even saw the first pic!

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