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Have you seen the Haute Couture Fall Winter 2015-16 shows? The Maisons made us dream with unattainable gowns and accessories, but they also inspired us with concrete hints for makeup and hairstyles for the upcoming Fall. Here are the 5 strongest trends to try right away!

1. Blue Eyes. Turquoise and azure pencil and eyeshadow are one of this summer’s trend, but don’t put them away on September! This color is the protagonist of the 2015-16 Haute Couture but it is also perfect with the darker colors of the Winter collections.

2. Natural. When it’s not blatant, it must be imperceptibleL light eyeshadow, shiny or rosy gloss and a skin that appears to have been kissed by the sun; the trend requires us to be as natural as it gets.

3. Full speed astern! For those with long or medium length hair but also short hair with a front tuft, the rule is, no hair on the face!

4. (Very) short. A bob with a super shade on the neck, a slightly punk pixie cut, a carré right below the ears. No half ways, just super short cuts, that is always ultra chic.

5. Decorate. Headbands, veils, very original hats: for those who are not crazy about hair accessories, this is the time to dare.

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