Composit - HairTutorial2After the tutorial for NY’s boxer braids, we’ll now explain how to get one of Chiara’s Milan looks, the high ponytail she wore for Prada’s show. A simple yet impactful hairstyle that, with just a few tricks, will make you beautiful, giving you a chic and relaxed allure.

Let’s start! For this hairstyle you will need: a curling iron, a couple of hairpins, hair ties and some styling products. Let’s begin with the first tool, to make soft and voluminous waves, creating the base texture for the ponytail. Don’t comb your hair just now, you’ll need all the volume you can get! To add even more at the roots, use a fine tooth comb to lightly backcomb the crown of the head.

Now take the hair and create the ponytail, leaving some strands in the front. We’ll now reveal the first secret to perfect styling: use more than one hair tie to hold the ponytail. After having tied the first one, continue with the others right behind it, to give your hairstyle a push upwards. You’ll immediately notice the difference! Now, take one of the locks in the front and lay it across the ponytail, fixing it with a hairpin. Repeat this on the other side wrapping the hair around the ties, to hide them. Fix it by generously spraying Pantene Perfect Volume hairspray.

Our second suggestion to give your ponytail a perfect shape is to use a texturizing product, in order to enhance volume and hold. Spray some Pantene Defining Curls Mousse in the palm of your hand and work it into the ponytail by squeezing the locks gently in your fists. If you feel the need to, revive some curls with the hot iron. For a softer look, like the one Chiara rocked, pull some hair from the ponytail with your hands to frame your face. Seal everything with another touch of hairspray and you’re done!

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