cover-capelli-vacanzaYou can’t always be perfect on holiday: even those of you who are total packing pros, and always have the right outfit for every occasion, will know that –when it comes to hair — you will have to compromise with weather, saltwater, wind and heat… None of which are very helpful when you want to have perfect hair. We kinda like this wild style, though, also because it can be a way to experiment a little, and find ways to look cool and cute even without having the chance to wash, dry and straighten our hair every day. This was also true for Chiara, who traveled to Puglia, the Hamptons, Cuba and Mexico, and played a lot with hairstyles, giving us inspiration for holiday-friendly, basic, yet cool things we can do with our hair. Here are some of her ideas: tying them up into two little buns; tying them into a low ponytail with a precious, pretty hair tie; leaving them down, with a half-ponytail to keep the hair out of your face. In case of emergency, you can always wear a hat! You will find our favorite hairstyles in the gallery. How do you manage your hair in summer?

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  • Just when I was about to give in and have my hair cut!
    Great looks am off on hols armed with all this inspiration!

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  • Beach hairstyles are so challenging. They have to look pretty while feel comfy. For me it’s always a big deal. So far I always go for a bun

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    I have a long bob, and I usually wear it the same way all the time – at work, at home, on vacation. The only exception is a gym bun. But what I like about vacation most is that the sea salt makes perfect natural waves and messy structure. No matter how I tried to replicate it myself, I failed. The sea doest it better!))

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