Vacations are so exhausting. Nope, we’re not crazy, we’re just voicing what your hair is thinking! Hours and hours in the sun, swimming, and relax may be music to your ears, but the rest of your head might not be of the same opinion. Previously in this series on how to care for your hair, we’ve talked about how the sea, pool and sun can be your best friends and worst enemies in the summer: this time, we’re being pro-active; here’s the perfect routine to avoid damaging your hair during a vacation and return to the city with a shiny mane!

Step 1: packing. It all starts with packing, because once you know what kind of baggage you can take on board, you can start figuring out your beauty bag. If your destination entails a long stay and many outfits, find a corner in your suitcase for the new Pantene Gold Series Repairing Hair Mask – it’ll be your strongest ally. If, on the other hand, you’re the adventurous type that travels with a backpack or hand luggage, no worry! Pantene’s Wonder Ampoules are easy to use and perfect for a mini beauty bag which will speed through security.

Step 2: the routine. Once you’ve selected your product for the vacation, there’s one important thing to do: apply it regularly and consistently! If you only do it once in 10 days, it will be no use. You need to build up a beauty routine that includes hair care, if not every day, then at least every 2-3 washes, so that you can moisturize your hair, which at this point will be stressed by sand, saltwater, and the wind. Also remember to rinse after treatment, and pat it dry if you don’t want to use a hairdryer. If you follow these rules, the treatment will be totally worth it.

Don’t forget to protect your hair against excessive sunlight with a nice straw hat. You’ll be so glam at the beach, and your hair will thank you! Obviously, we encourage you to keep up the routine after you’re back… it’ll be our little secret 😉

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