Composit PanteneSeptember is a bit of a strange month. Although we left school a while ago, it still feels like a new start. Being that summer and the holidays interrupt your daily routine making it the best time to say bye bye to old habits and create new ones. Speaking of our favorite subject (beauty), it’s time to bring our attention to our hair and to understand how to make it soft and healthy after putting it to the test during summer! After the stress from the sun, sea and heat, in fact, we’ve realized: that amazing moment when you you realize that you have to cut it, unless you’ve been lucky to receive a pardon. Speaking with Jeni Thomas, Ph.D., Principal Scientist at Pantene we understand that it is much more than mere fortune. It’s hard work looking after your locks, but if you don’t do it yourself, no one else can help you!

It goes without saying that the routine for saving your hair starts with shampoo and conditioner, a fundamental step to restoring the health of your hair and restoring the shine. You need to select a formula that contains antioxidants, because other than working immediately, this will help you avoid future damage. Saying this, the battle strategy is the usual: intensely repair the damage.  The products that will help you most in this arduous task are masks, stressed hair’s best friend. You can use them in three ways: following the instructions, before you apply your shampoo and conditioner, or keeping the mask in your hair for hours (even over night if you can sleep with it in). You’ll notice the difference! We’ll also reveal a little cheat, we know that it’s difficult to be patient while the treatment gets to work. Using one of the 1 minute wonder Ampoules you’ll get the same effect as the masks in a quarter of the time! Don’t forget to maintain your new routine during winter, otherwise your hair will start showing signs of stress again. You have been warned!

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