Whenever I listen to my friends’ beauty-related conversations, when the topic shifts to dry shampoos, I seem to hear the same question over and over again: “How often do you wash your hair?” Now, we’ve already debunked the myth about how washing your hair often is supposed to be bad for its health, although I’m all for not stressing it too much and washing it a maximum of two to three times a week. But I couldn’t survive those days in between washings without dry shampoo. For those of you who are dry shampoo virgins, we’re talking about a product you can apply onto your dry hair to remove any excess oil to give it another 24 hrs without washing it. There are several types – spray, powder, and even foam! And it’s so easy: step one is spraying the product onto your hair, focusing on roots and on problem areas. Then you just wait for it to work its magic, as it absorbs anything that doesn’t belong on the head of a lady who washes her hair regularly or has her hair done at the salon often (let me dream!). Last but not least, arm yourself with a brush and brush away all excess dry shampoo that has taken residence on your hair and scalp. Voila, perfectly clean hair, at least for another few hours! Find our favorite dry shampoos in the gallery, but first, a few more tips for you: firstly, please choose powder shampoos or other alternatives over aerosol – as much as we all like dry shampoo, be mindful of the environment! Secondly and thirdly, a couple good tricks. If your hair is clean but you struggle with volume, you can follow the same procedure and just use less dry shampoo. And if you feel your hair is running out of time before the next washing but you have zero time to wash it tonight or early in the am, just apply dry shampoo before going to sleep and let your hair absorb it for the rest of the night, then brush it when you wake up. Shock treatment to the rescue! Now go and proselytize your friends: you have my blessing.

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