cover-chignonBuns are the ideal hairstyle for an elegant night out, but lately they’ve become more and more common as a daytime look, too, so much so that they became the favorite hairstyle of models like Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner. Chignons can look good on practically anyone, all you need to do is figure out which kind of bun best suits the shape of your face. If you have sharp features, a softer bun will soften them a little. If your face is small, go for a neat, firm bun, and focus on your makeup. If you have fuller features or a rounder face, leave a few stray locks here and there, to give your look a bit of structure. Why not get some inspiration from the chignons that were spotted on the red carpet at Cannes? Look at our gallery to find the perfect look for you, and find out what products you need to do it yourself!

14 Responses to “Is the perfect bun neat or messy?”

  • Messy, for sure, because only either a fairy godmother or an entourage of personal assistants can keep a tight bun neat for the evening.

    Unless it’s super hair strayed that is … and hence risking a ‘chav’ effect.

    Reply to Taylor Two Shop
  • I love both, but messy hair buns are more forgiving when it comes to pairing outfit or makeup, if it makes sense.
    Great article though !:D

    Reply to Ariane
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