Composit Rapunzel BraidVoluminous, shiny and most of all: extremely long. During the CFDA awards, both Beyoncé and Naomi Campbell sported a superb braid on the red carpet capturing our hearts and making us question whether the Rapunzel braid is a new trend. Back in 2011, which already feels like ages ago, Rihanna, during the Met Gala, wore a fire red Rapunzel braid which paved the way to a trend that in the following years has been adopted by many celebrities (who are naturally gifted with long hair and are aided by luscious extensions). Between the autumn of 2014 and Spring Summer 2015 braid-mania set the runway on fire, permanently cementing itself as a cool hairstyle. But in the following seasons it’s been seen less often on the red carpet and on the catwalks, more recently some have gone back to wearing braids. In fact Chiara sported the style in New York last September, while last month in Cannes Blake Lively, Eva Longoria and Adèle Exarchopoulos also chose the braid. Is the long Rapunzel braid a new trend? In order be sure we perhaps need some more celebs to confirm this, in any case it’s the perfect hairstyle for a wedding or a boho-chic party.

How to replicate it? Easy! To get the voluminous effect that you see in the photo gallery, there are two steps you mustn’t forget: first for maximum volume, you should dry your hair with your head upside down aiming the nozzle at the roots, then use a lot of texturizing hairspray along the length of the hair. This allows you to play with the wisps/strands and create a maxi princess braid effect. Now, remember to stay away from evil stepmothers and isolated towers! 😉

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