SMALTO BIANCO coverAmong evergreen colors for our summer manicure, white is one of our favorite, which is perfect for very short nails or for those who loves them a bit longer. Matte or shiny, it is a beauty case must-have. In the gallery you will find our 10 favorite white nail polishes. TBS tip: white nail polish is also great to be used as base, enhancing the color you apply over it. Try it under an orange shade and you’ll see the amazing result!

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21 Responses to “Mani trend: 10 White nail polishes we love”

  • Black and white nail polish will always be my go-tos. They are easy and go with everything, which is nice if you are lazy about nails such as myself.

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  • This is my favorite manicure for the summertime! Wish you gave us the pros and cons of the individual polishes though 🙂 I’m using Essie Blanc, which looks and wears great, but it tends to leave some tiny little bubbles on my nails..

    Jasmin | Dolce Petite

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