When it comes to fingernails, we feel like we’ve seen it all and then some. Between the runways and the street style, it’s hard to imagine anyone could come up with a new trend. But right when it looked like that was it for nail creativity, a simple yet genius trend was born: mix & match nails! This trend uses any simple nail polish as a basis, on which a creative application is built – only on some fingers; what about the others? Different, but matching. There are no rules in this game: as long as you’re mixing and alternating two different manicure styles, you’re playing! It seems complex in writing, but it’s actually quite easy to achieve. This trend resembles accent nail designs, which were popular a few years ago: the trend in which one fingernail was painted differently than the rest of the hand. But this trend is one step further, as it’s not limited to one finger. Ready to try something new? We collected some of our favorite looks and some must-try nail polishes in the gallery to inspire you!

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  • I love this trend. It shows our personality as it does with styles or clothes we wear. It’s worth trying. And I’m so excited that can’t wait to try this new trend.
    Anh || ontrend

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    I love this new trend, since mixing nail polishes has ben my favorite thing since I started painting my nails!
    Would love to try some of the colors and styles in the pictures!

    To Read with Tea

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