You might be one of those girls who went through a punk phase as a teenager, coloring their hair in the craziest colors, from orange to fuchsia. Or maybe you’re among those who never felt bold enough to do it, and now that your teenage years are over, you feel like you can’t pull off much more than a more marked ombré because of your age. Or, you might be under 20 and just the right age to experiment, but you don’t know where to start from. Either way, there is one word that will give a voice to your most nostalgic, repressed or unexplored wishes: NEON.

Have you seen the latest issue of Nylon, in which Rihanna went shopping with a mohawk that would be the envy of the Sex Pistols? In that same issue, the same popstar and universe-wide trendsetter also sported incredibly long orange extensions that look very cool and not at all punky on her, as you can see below.

Everyone knows that laws of nature establish that if Rihanna wears it, it will be a trend: so, just so you know, over the next few months it will be socially acceptable to dye your hair in neon colors, whatever your age. If anyone takes exception, just point them to the evidence everyone can see on the catwalks: we saw such a crazy neon palette at the latest shows, it looked like a student’s pencil case, with colors that went from flashy pink to neon yellow.

Do you feel like trying this trend? We maybe wouldn’t go for a total neon look on our manes, but we might still try a few locks in a sudden moment of madness — less demanding, and just as cool. PUNK’S NOT DEAD!


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