When the end of the summer approaches, I always feel like changing my look, and the best place to start is undoubtedly makeup! So I get rid of bright colors and opt for softer shades to relax me. The first thing I do is changing the color of my nail polish. Fortunately, this year the nail trend for the fall is on my side with peach-colored nails, for a feminine and romantic look.

This hue has a lot of potential and goes perfectly with tanned skin, so there is no need to wait for the colder weather to be here: we can immediately start sporting delicate manicures reminiscent of summer sunsets. Matte or shine doesn’t matter, as long as it emphasises how refined your hands are: Blugirl, Gucci and Stella Jean, for instance, go for nude colors, while Emilio Pucci opts for an orange-ish tone.

This warm color also goes well with any kind of makeup and outfit, as it will not hijack the mood and style you’re going for. And thanks to the different available shades, which go from pink to orange to nude (and even glitter, if you’re feeling daring), we can have fun and change color often without straying away from the initial concept.

Looking for inspiration? Scroll down to the gallery, where you’ll be able to find a lot of inspiration and products that’ll make you want to go on a shopping spree or book a manicure right now!

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