When you think about daily life, the most comfortable hairstyle is the one and only… low ponytail! Nothing can really beat it: it’s practical, pretty and keeps your hair from flying in your face all the time. A life saviour! We felt like we couldn’t go too plain though, always tying up our locks the same way. What do we do in these cases? We revert to the runways for inspiration! Here are some ideas from the Fall Winter 2016-2017 fashion shows, including a special version worn by Chiara! Hey, don’t forget something really important. In order to have beautiful hair when you tie it up regularly, you have to take care of it daily, with the right shampoo & conditioner routine by Pantene. Look at our suggestions in the gallery.

If you want to challenge yourself  and replicate Chiara’s look, here’s how you can do it! Gather your hair into a low ponytail. After securing the ponytail with an elastic, split the ponytail above the elastic in two and pull the “tail” end through the hole. This creates a soft twist. Using a small boar bristle brush, brush out light strands of hair around the face and the twist. And voilà, you’re done. 😉

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