IMG_7592It’s been just a few days, some songs are still playing in our heads and our emotions are still not fading… And our hair is still a mess! Weekend-long music events are amazing, unforgettable, but they can seriously disrupt your beauty routine. Taking extra care of your hair, after a festival, is absolutely necessary if you want it to go back to its former shine, and be ready for the season’s next destination.

Think about it: at Coachella, your hair had to undergo three sources of stress every day. You might have had a different hairstyle every day, there was sand, and a lot, a lot of sunshine. What can you do to take (or try to take) your hair’s state back to its original beauty? The first step will be resuming your regular shampoo and conditioner routine. You might want to use a little more conditioner than you normally would: it will help bring your hair’s moisturization levels back to normal, and you will notice the difference right away.
Step two: work in the medium term. After your conditioner’s immediate action, also go for faster treatment, such as Pantene’s 1 Minute Wonder Ampoules. These will give your hair the shine it deserves in only 60 seconds, and the effect will last longer than that of common conditioner. While you you take care of your hair with these moisturising treatments, try not to use a fine-toothed comb, or any brushes that might damage your locks. Even if brushing is part of any normal hair care routine, being too energetic when brushing your hair might break more of it than is reasonable.
In our gallery, you can find our favorite festival-friendly hairstyles, as well as all the products you need for regenerating your hair after the weekend. You must obviously apply all these products to your mane while listening to a playlist of your festival’s favorite songs!

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