Composit Tagli CapelliWhat time is it? Time for a haircut! Summer is coming to an end and we have to deal with the stress the sun, sea and wind has had on our hair. If you haven’t been looking after it during summer you could try taking the path of masks, wraps, magic potions or praying for a miracle. SPOILER ALERT: this won’t help you one bit. Pick up the phone and book an appointment with the hairdresser, it will be the best decision you could ever make for the good of your locks. If you’re lacking inspiration for your new look, never fear; our gallery has been made especially for you. It’s full of post-vacation haircut ideas, from the pixie to long style variations. Choose wisely, but be brave! Autumn is the best time to refresh your look; who knows after this major change you may even want to revamp your closet.

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