We’ve been saying this for months, actually, scratch that, for years! Haircare matters just as much as skincare does. So, if you think that shampoo and conditioner are enough to take care of your hair… You’re wrong. Hair masks are an essential step that should not be overlooked, since they deeply nourish your hair. Masks come in all shapes and sizes, some need to sit in your hair for 5 minutes, others for 20, and others… All night long! Of course, it all depends on the kind of mask you choose, and on your hair’s needs.

Pre-shampoo masks are the ones you apply onto your hair before washing, and it’s everyone’s favourite, simply because it’s easily manageable, and because it seems to give many of us the feeling of nurturing our hair more deeply, giving them a beautiful shine in the process. The secret definitely lies in the list of ingredients: it’s totally possible to make your own hair mask, using olive oil and honey, or egg whites.

Post-shampoo masks are the best ones to untangle your hair. Some work their magic super quickly, while others will need to sit in your hair for a little longer — and we already gave you a few tips on how to spend your precious time while you wait for your mask to work!

Last but not least, the newcomers: night hair masks. Some of them come in a sort of tissue mask, whose shape looks a lot like a shower cap. Alternatively, just make sure you find an effective way to wrap your hair and protect your pillowcase, and there you go: these night hair creams will pamper and nurture your hair while you sleep, and after you rinse it all off in the morning, your hair will look amazing. The only potential downside to this kind of mask is that some of us might be bothered by feeling like they are sleeping with wet hair.

Whether you go for pre-shampoo masks, all-night masks or masks you apply in the shower, the message is the same: don’t forget your hair mask, and apply one at least every two weeks.

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