Here we go, ready for the second episode of “Pimp my hair! Couture Edition”? This time, we will be talking about buns. After our episode on braids, we are here to guide you to the discovery of the punk revolution of this classic, ladylike hairdo. Forget the precision of ballerina buns, let go of the poetry of utterly neat hair – we are going to rewrite a chapter of the history of beauty, taking our cue from the Haute Couture catwalks of Spring Summer 2017. Hey! Ho! Let’s go!

thevortexIf you let a creative genius like Sam McKnight become the hairstyling director of your show, all you can expect is the unexpected, obviously! Traditionally, chignons are an “outwards” updo, that adds volume to your mane. At Chanel’s, this concept was revolutionized, by creating a vortex effect, supported by a legion of bobby pins. While still refined, the look is intentionally messy, hair acquiring a more plastic quality thanks to generous amounts of molding clay and hairspray.

messyclassyAre you a fan of messy buns? Then, you are welcome here. Our favorite chignon, the little top bun that looks like a little pineapple, with single hairs sticking out, is exactly the updo that was created for Zuhair Murad. We challenge you to get any punkier than this: lazy Sunday hair, worn with gorgeous couture clothing. The secret of this do is in the accessories, as was also seen at the show. Try it with some jewel-like bobby pins, and you will immediately see the difference in how it will immediately make your look more elegant.

justundoneIf you looked at this chignon from the front, you would almost be calling false alarm. It all seems normal, but there is actually a trick there on the back. While the top part of Ziad Nakad’s updo is done the traditional way, you can easily avoid the effort to pull the bottom part of your hair neatly together – we all know how hard and virtually impossible that is, anyway. The final result looks refined and laid back at the same time, and it will look absolutely great with a high-necked tricot sweater!


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